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NFT Selection Criteria

The selection process of certain blue-chip NFTs is rigorous, involving multiple filtering stages to ensure that only the most valuable and high-quality projects are included in the final index.
Please look at the diagram below to see the NFT selection process. 👇
Step 1: The process begins by collecting data from Opensea APIs and sorting the top 100 projects based on trading volume.
Step 2: This data is then fed into a database and actively filtered based on various criteria, such as:

▶️ Total Trading Volume

We have handpicked projects that have transacted a minimum of 10000 ETH. They must be freely traded, with very low wash trading and illiquidity risk.

▶️ No. of Unique Owners

We’ve picked projects where the number of unique owners is at least 4000.

▶️ Verified Projects

Web3 is packed with copy-paste projects. To avoid the risk of counterfeiting or fraud, we only consider the projects that are verified and listed in the top NFT Marketplaces.

▶️ Time of Existence

We prioritize projects that have been actively running for at least one year and have a proven track record of success within the industry.

▶️ 30-day Traded Volume

We highly prefer projects with solid activity and engagement. We consider projects with a volume greater than 500 ETH in the last 30 days.
Step 3: Next, we employ a 3rd party data vendor - BitsCrunch - to conduct an additional ‘Quality Filtration’ using Wash Trading Score and Collection Score as criteria to narrow the list of NFT projects further.
Step 4: The final selection of premium Blue-Chip projects is done based on all these filters and added to our NFT index.
Overall, this selection process ensures that only the most valuable and high-quality projects are included in the final index, providing investors with a reliable and trustworthy index of blue-chip NFT projects.